Hey! I'm Kaushiki

If you have come across to read this page, You are a truly passionate and curios person who believes in understanding a thing end to end before investing in it. The sign of a true Entrepreneur.

I am Kaushiki, the founder of Markoknow.

I started Markoknow, still a weird name to begin with as a side project and as a way to give back the learnings from my entrepreneurial journey of "Failing and Learning and then Getting Back". I was working on a social e commerce driven startup that was supposed to cater to the need of e commerce on social media like Instagram, Facebook etc.

 Markoknow, then a side project was a way I wanted to talk about "How people can start their journey into Entrepreneurship and learn the same from a Founder like me or so many founders, who are Bootstrapped and started everything on their own".
With time, we left our super tech project to build this more passion driven side project as a full fledged Startup. In no time, we crossed 20,000+ community members of Founders, Investors and Learners.

During the process we realized that there are still lots of people who cannot directly be mentored and therefore need a basic grassroot level understanding on entrepreneurship. Therefore, we brought a series of self paced courses to boost the knowledge of a larger circle of students and learners.



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